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This Japanese101.com video introduces Japanese language vocabulary for a variety of fruits (kudamono - click here for Japan's kudamono map). Learn the Japanese vocabulary words with your child. Listen to Yuki Sensei's Japanese pronunciation of each vocabulary word and repeat after Sensei.

Future Japanese101.com lessons will distinguish kudamono according to their color and shape. For example, in the Japanese language the translation for "round" is marui. Therefore, round kudamono such as apples and oranges are considered marui kudamono. The Japanese vocabulary translation for "red" is akai, therefore, red kudamono such as apples and cherries are considered akai kudamono. In the Japanese language, there is no plural translation for (kudamono) such as apple(s) (ringo: photo - apple varieties) or watermelon(s) (suika: photo - measuring watermelon sweetness). The Japanese language translation for color (iro) is introduced in the "Color" streaming lesson.

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